World Cup 2018 JSON

This is an API for the World Cup (and now, Women's World Cup!) ((and now the World Cup in 2018!)) that scrapes current match results and outputs match data as JSON. No guarantees are made as to its accuracy, but we will do our best to keep it up to date. For example responses, including events such as goals, substitutions, and cards, see the GitHub page.


( If you need HTTPS, please use for now )

All match data, updated every minute

Today's matches

Returns the current match, if a match is happening, otherwise nothing

Matches for any country, by entering their FIFA Code.

Results for teams (wins, losses, draws, goals_for, goals_against)

Results for teams by group, ordered by current group position

List of all teams in world cup, along with FIFA abbreviation


You can append ?by_date=desc to any query to sort the matches by future to past. ?by_date=asc does past to future.

You can append ?by= with optional params total_goals, closest_score, away_team_goals, home_team_goals


Colombia (1) Vs Japan (2) -- FINAL

Poland (1) Vs Senegal (2) -- FINAL

Russia (3) Vs Egypt (1) -- FINAL


Portugal Vs Morocco -- 07:00

Uruguay Vs Saudi Arabia -- 10:00

Iran Vs Spain -- 13:00